Sunday, March 15, 2009

Elimination Communication revisited

Getting back into elimination communication, after having taken a month long break from it, has been extremely difficult. Jonah's eating pattern has changed drastically, as we not only have started giving him formula to ensure that he is getting the proper ounces of milk, but he has also started taking solid foods on a regular basis.

Now that Jonah is taking the correct amount of food, I am beginning to see a definite pattern between his eating and elimination schedule. Previously, I had only noticed a relationship between his sleep patterns and elimination. Now I am seeing that about fifteen minutes after he takes a bottle or nurses, he urinates, and he has a bowel movement about an hour after he has eaten food.

I have also noticed a change in his signals. They are more definite, and easier to read now that I am aware of what they are. I am assuming that this is because the urge is greater at this point, and he is able to better tell when he has the need to eliminate. While it is easy for him to catch me off-guard, when I see the signals there is no doubting them. It is, however, more difficult to see them every single time that he eliminates, because he is of course eliminating more often and at times that he would not have eliminated during his old schedule. We have been cleaning up several puddles during the last couple of days. It has certainly taken me a little bit of time to become in-tuned to this new pattern and his new signals, but I'm sure that in time we will be back in sync with each other once again.

Bowel movements on the other hand, have been extremely easy to read since we began Jonah on a schedule for solid foods. He makes a very distinct face, and a grunting or yelling noise that lets me know to take him to the potty. I have so far caught two bowel movements in the potty, and three others in a diaper. We will be bringing the potty into our EC practices more as I get attuned to his new schedule and cues.

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