Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We've been married a year; it's time to get some chickens

We spent the long weekend visiting friends in Pennsylvania. It was a wonderful getaway, as they live in a very rural area. It was nice to stay with friends who have the same naturalistic views that we have. On their one acre plot of land, they are raising a garden, and hoping to buy some egg chickens within the year. I've mentioned these friends on my blog before. They introduced the concepts of EC to me when Jonah was just weeks old.

We are currently looking at a home that sits on a five acre lot. If we are able to sell our home in Cleveland, we will try to make an offer on it. We are both crossing our fingers that we are able to buy this chunk of land, because it is everything that we need and is right in our price range. When Daryl's friend mentioned that they were getting chickens soon, I saw that twinkle flare up in his eye. "Hey Jess!" he said "If we get that place...."
me:"yes dear, we might look into getting chickens..."
him: "and a goat!"

a goat? Well, I guess it is easier than keeping a cow for milk. I'm honestly surprised that it was him who was making these suggestions. After all, I'm the "crunchy" one. I'm the one who in high school was voted as "most likely to live on a self sustainable commune." I wasn't raising my eyebrows at the thought of having a goat for fresh milk, I was raising my eyebrows at the fact that it was my HUSBAND making these suggestions. Maybe I've finally won him over to the so-called dark side. Maybe I've hippied him up a bit! Now if I could just get him to recycle his glass...

On another note, it was our first wedding anniversary on Sunday, and spending it with our friends was the best way that I could imagine. After putting the kids to bed, we snuck out to the firepit for smores and wine. A combination that doesn't get enough recognition, in my opinion. I couldn't help but reflect on how far we've come in a year. Last year at this time, we were seven months pregnant and living in a condo in Cleveland. Now we have a beautiful little boy, trying for our second child, and talking about buying chickens and goats in the rural outskirts of the Toledo area. It's been a very strange trip, for sure, but I wouldn't trade it for any other life out there!

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