Thursday, June 11, 2009

Surviving Our First Ear Infection

About a month ago, Jonah got really snotty. He was teething, and I know that happens. Well then he stopped drinking his bottles, and the snot started to get really yucky, and I could just tell that it was going into his ears. I have a radar for these types of things. After working with infants for eight years, there are certain things that I can spot a mile away- namely yeast infections, rotavirus, and ear infections. Just one of those things that I know it when I see it.

So, I called my doctor. This was on a Tuesday, and our regular doctor takes every Tuesday off. So I said I'd be willing to see a different doctor in the practice, as I was planning on being out of town for the rest of the week. The doctor came in and checked his ears. She said they're all clear. I asked her to please check them again, because I was sure he was getting an infection. She obliged and said nope, he's just got a bad cold. I laughed about being "one of those mommies" but in the back of my mind I was still sure that he was getting an ear infection.

After two weeks, Jonah continued to be miserable, and I kept saying that I can't believe his ears were clear. I took him in for his regular nine month check up, and guess what. Go ahead, just guess. Full blown double ear infection. I told the pediatrician that I had just brought him two weeks ago because I suspected an ear infection. She looked at his chart and said "Oh yes, you had the doctor check twice." HA it said that on his charts!? I wonder if it said "crazy mother thinks she knows better than me and made me check twice." I wanted to write next to it "I was right." Our regular pedi said that Mommy intuition is usually right, and to continue to bring him in if I think something is wrong.

And so, Jonah had his first full dose of bubble gum flavored amoxicillan. He has gotten really good about taking medicines. I was so worried that I'd have a kid who won't take medicine and spits it out. Not Jonah! He loves it. Even his reflux medicine, which everyone told me tastes like anise.

Yesterday was our follow up appointment to make sure that the medicine cleared up the infection completely. His ears are 100% clear again. That was easier than I thought it would be. In my family, ear infections are known for being stubborn; lingering through a number of medications before the right one is found. Hopefully we won't have many more of these, and if we do have another one hopefully it will be as easy as this one! We celebrated our victory by going to Wendys for a Frosty. I think it is something worth celebrating, just a little bit!

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