Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter at the Farm

Because Daryl and I are considering buying a few acres of land to raise a few animals, I had decided last year that it would be a good idea to make farm visits a regular activity for Jonah. There are several working farms in our area that welcome visitors to meet the animals and see how farms operate. I think that this is important, even if we don't buy a house with the capacity to raise our own food. I want my children to grow up knowing where their food came from. I want them to not only be conscious of what they are putting into their body, but I also want to teach them how to respect our food sources.

We've found one farm in particular that we enjoy going to the most. Country Lane Tree Farm in Genoa Ohio. They offer regular tours of their working farm, as well as hold special events during holiday seasons. I thought I would share some pictures from our trip to the farm to visit the Easter Bunny and hunt for eggs!

You can't go egg hunting on an empty stomach, so when we got to the farm we had pancakes with the Easter Bunny himself! Then we took a hayride out to the egg patch.

Yummy pancakes:

Hi there, Mr. Bunny:

On the hayride with Daddy:
Giving the Easter Bunny High Five on the hayride:
Searching for eggs in the "egg patch":

While we were there, we also got to visit with a lot of the animals. I was surprised at Jonah's reaction to the bunnies. He was more shy about them than usual:
Feeding 1 Week old Goats:

When we approached the sheep pen, Jonah was clapping his hands and saying (his version of) "baaaaaa":
The price of admission, which was $5 per adult and $8 per child also included a barrel train ride, a pony ride, holding ducklings and chicks, a straw maze, feeding the pigs, and milking the cow. Every time we visit Country Lane Farm, we are amazed at how much there is to do. We could easily spend an entire day there, and Jonah loves it. When you consider the cost of a photo with the Bunny at the mall, I'd much prefer the fun of taking the kids to the farm to meet him.

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