Friday, October 15, 2010

So This is How Sisyphus Felt

As soon as we have permission from our landlady, I am planning on building a compost bin in our backyard. I've been reading up on how to have a successful compost, and have learned that you need an adequate amount of "brown material" to add carbon to the decomposition process, and "green material" to add nitrogen. Because all of the trees have begun shedding their leaves, I decided it was time to begin harvesting our brown material.

And so, Jonah was introduced to a rake.
With the kids involved, this was more of a "fun" activity than it was a results-driven work activity. We got a quarter of the front yard raked up, more than one time as Jonah kept walking through the pile and re-scattering the leaves. And during that night a storm came, knocking so many more leaves to the ground that our meager pile could no longer be seen. It seemed really big while we were working!

So, it looks like we will be raking our tree laden two acre yard quite a bit. But with a face like this looking up at me while I work, I don't mind a bit

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