Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Dots

Our art project this week is in honor of Earth Day tomorrow. It was an inexpensive and simple project, that can be fun for kids of various ages.

I offered Jonah two bingo markers, one blue and one green. I picked these up at our local Giant Eagle grocer in the section that had gaming supplies (poker chips, cards etc.) In our store, it was next to the children's art supplies. They cost me a little more than a dollar a piece, but you can also find "dot art" markers, that are basically the same thing but come in more variety of colors. The markers cost about $15 for a set, so I opted for the cheaper option.

I cut a circle out of white (recycled, of course!) construction paper, and put it on his tray. I used a piece of newspaper for this project, to protect the surface of his high chair. These markers are not washable. I showed Jonah how to push the marker up and down to make dots, and encouraged him to copy my movements. He also had fun swishing the marker from side to side.

When he was finished, I used double sided tape to stick the dot earth to some dark blue paper. Black paper would also look nice, if you have some.

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