Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When EC doesn't work

There are several times when our elimination communication just does not work. Some of those times, I know it is possible to EC through if given the same lifestyle, but it just doesn't work for us. 

We can't use EC, for example, during night time or naps. Some families are able to communicate with their infant beautifully even when they are sleeping, but there is no way it will work with our lifestyle. The biggest reason is that it is impossible for us to safely bed share. Bed sharing is when the infant sleeps in bed with the parents. We cannot safely do this, because of many reasons. For starters, I sleep walk. Not only do I walk in my sleep, but I DO stuff. Just the other day, I wanted to take a shower and the soap was not in the bathroom. I looked everywhere for it, and finally found it IN THE BED. Weird. Weird, and very unsafe for an infant. Also, our "real" bed is still at our home in Cleveland, making the bedroom beautiful for prospective buyers. The bed we are using currently is actually two twin mattresses pushed together on their bedsprings. This means that there is a giant crack in the middle of our bed. Also very unsafe for an infant! So, Jonah sleeps in a crib, in a separate room for his safety. This makes it pretty much impossible to practice EC during the night. Another thing that makes it very difficult to practice EC while he is sleeping, is that he pees A LOT in his sleep. He urinates without stirring or waking; he gives absolutely no cues.

Other times that EC isn't ideal for us is when we are somewhere that does not have a bathroom, like the grocery store for example. I have not figured out how or where to take him to potty while we are shopping. Car trips, such as the frequent drive we make between Toledo and Cleveland to visit my family, are also very difficult because not only do I have no where to take him, but my focus is on driving and not the cues of my son. Anytime that we are away from home is especially difficult. We are both a little off in our communication when we are in different surroundings. At my mother's house, I try to practice EC, but I usually get peed on several times. Between me paying attention to other things, such as my family or activities, and Jonah wanting to explore a different territory, we have a lot of missed communications!

I read about families that go diaperless 100% of the time. I am glad that they have found a lifestyle that accommodates elimination communication, and perhaps someday with future children we will too. But for now, we are quite happy to have a part-time diapered baby!

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