Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our Thankful Book: The End Product

Jonah and I have been working really hard to finish our Thankful Book. We have been talking about all of the things that make us happy this holiday season, and what being "thankful" means.  We finally finished it on Thanksgiving, just in time to share with our family for the holidays!

After making the cover for our book, we walked around the house and our yard to find things that make us happy. When we found something, we took a picture of it or found a picture that we already had, and said "Thank you! (Blank) makes me happy!" We used ASL signs along with verbal language to talk about how these things in our lives make us feel. We went back to look at the pictures a couple of times a day on our computer, and I talked to Jonah about how happy and thankful we are for these things.

Then, every one in the family chose three things to put in our thankful book. Evie had a little help deciding! We made each page of the book on our computer, and I cut them out and laminated them with contact paper. Then I joined them all with a key ring.

Here is the finished book:

Mommy is thankful for...

her family

her puppy

quiet time.

Daddy is thankful for...



Jonah is thankful for...




Evelyn is thankful for...

her monkey


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