Friday, December 31, 2010

Transition and Activity Songs

Sometimes it can be pretty hard to get Jonah to focus. Sometimes it can be pretty hard to get any toddler to focus. No matter what they are doing, it seems like their minds are on something completely different, or they are already rushing three or four steps ahead. In my preschool room, I started to sing songs during certain activities, or to transition into activities, to help them focus on what is at hand. I've found that Jonah benefits in the same way that my preschoolers did. It keeps his mind on what he is doing in this moment, and also holds his attention for the length of time needed. Some of the songs I've made up, and some of them have been used for ages for this purpose. Here are some of the songs we use to keep our bedtime routine running smoothly!

Going potty (to the tune The Farmer in the Dell)
Is Jonah gonna go?
Is Jonah gonna go?
Will he go pee in the big boy pot?
Is Jonah gonna go?

Washing hands:
I sing the ABC song but at the end I change the words to "Now we've sung our ABC's and our hands are squeaky clean."

Drying hands (also to Farmer in the Dell)
Dry off your hands
Dry off your hands!
It helps us to kill the germs,
dry off your hands!

Brushing teeth (to Row Row Row your Boat)
Brush, brush, brush your teeth
get them squeaky clean!
We make them white
and make them bright
until they shine and gleam.

Brush brush brush your teeth
scrub the germs away!
brush the top
and brush the bottom
now we're done, hooray!

Picking a book (If You're Happy and You Know It tune)
pick a book
pick a book
pick a book!

pick a book
pick a book
pick a book!

find a story that you like
and we'll read it before bed (nap/lunch/etc)

pick a book
pick a book
pick a book!

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