Friday, February 11, 2011

Frenzy of Fabulous Folds Videos: Bikini Twist and Jelly Roll Folds

Due to our roof leaking from all of the recent ice we've gotten, the frenzy of fabulous folds has been a bit neglected. So to make up, I've doubled up on today's videos.

The first fold I'm showing you today is called a bikini twist. It's probably the second most common fold that I encounter from other cloth diapering mamas. A lot of parents with chubby babies use this fold because it fits a bit nicer around the thighs and between the legs. Moms who use this fold tell me that they don't have as much of a problem with pants not fitting over the diaper. I used it with Jonah on occasion because the bulk of the diaper ended up right in his "pee zone" offering more absorbency where I needed it.

The other fold I'm going to show you, is very similar to the angel wings fold that I've already shared. The difference is, you roll the sides in rather than folding them. The rolling action gives it the name the "Jelly Roll" fold. This offers a bit more of a barrier to keep messes contained,and it also offers a bit more absorbency in the front compared to the angel wings fold. The only reason I don't prefer this over the angel wings, is that it's much harder to accomplish with a baby who is on the move!

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