Monday, February 21, 2011

Simple Coordination Activity

Sometimes the activities that toddlers enjoy the most, involve simple items that can be found around the house. This morning I had planned to do an activity with Jonah to work on his coordination. All we used was a clean plastic mayonnaise jar, and some clothespins.

The activity started out as planned. I placed the jar on the floor, and showed Jonah how to stand with the jar between my feet. Then I dropped the clothespins into the jar. It sounds like a very simple game, but Jonah was thrilled. He stood over the jar and attempted to drop each clothespin into the opening of the jar.  Some of them made their target, and others bounced off the side.

When he got bored of that game, I showed him how to squeeze the clothespins to open them, and stick them to the rim of the jar.

Once again, it amazed me how one little movement that adults take for granted, can take a toddler so much thought and planning. Jonah worked on this task for quite a while.

After he managed to get a few of the clothespins onto the rim of the jar, I put the clothespins away except for three, and we dropped them into the jar as we counted them.

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