Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adventures in Boob Land

Jonah was still napping, and Eve had just woken up from her own nap. I had changed her diaper and sat on the couch contemplating whether or not I should attempt to fold laundry while she was awake, something that has 90% failure rate.

As I was weighing my options, she came to me and began to whine. "Help!" she said. Help is one of the few words she has, and she uses it when she wants something."What do you want, little Diva?" She whined a little more. "Help-pa Help-pa!" it was as if she was emphasizing how much she wanted something. I knew what she wanted. "What is it?" I asked again. She puckered her lips and signed "milk" with one hand while pulling my shirt with the other. "Ohhhhh, I see" I said, pretending to have been unaware. "You want this?" Before my fingers even reached the hem of my shirt, Eve burst into laughter. Pure innocent joy.

Before I could get my nursing bra situated, I had a giggly little girl diving into my breast for an after nap snack. About a minute later, she unlatched, sat up, pulled the bottom of my nursing bra up, and gave it a pat. Then she was off chasing the dog and laughing.

I am so afraid that this is going to end soon, as my baby is turning into into a toddler... but then again perhaps it has just begun!

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