Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthday Bonanza!

This week is little Evelyn's first birthday. I cannot believe that my baby is getting to be such a little lady. To celebrate this big occasion, I'll be doing a birthday bonanza here on my blog! All of my posts this week and into next (getting a late start with the holiday) will be about all things birthday. Cakes, cupcakes, decorations, clothes, and more!

Eve's birthday party will be in the theme of "puppies and poodles." I chose this theme because my daughter is in love with dogs. Any time she sees a dog, or an animal that remotely looks like a dog (squirrels, cats, horses) she laughs hysterically and squeels "Doggy!" When looking for dog themed party items, I noticed that they all seemed very boyish. The dogs all looked tough, and the backgrounds were blue and red. That doesn't fit Eve's personality at all. She is very girly and soft. So then I found items that were themed with poodles, and it was mostly on clearance! So I took a bit from each theme and came up with "puppies and poodles" which I think fits her perfectly.

Stay tuned for lots of party planning ideas for this theme as well as general party planning tips and stories!

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