Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday preparations

We survived our first family vacation, and are now thrown full force into our next major life event. Our little man will be turning one year old on Saturday, and I have a lot of preparations (for the celebration, as well as mental preparations!)

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. Along with the normal party stuff, food and tablecloths and decorations etc, I've decided to put together a couple of neat little "extras." I don't know why I do this. It's like I have this crazy ambition to be Martha Stewart Wannabe of the Year or something. I've decided that I absolutely have to display Jonah's bragbook at his party. This is a scrapbook that I've been putting together little by little that marks his milestones. I couldn't find a bragbook that I liked off the shelf, and I like to scrapbook so I decided to make my own this way. I still have about ten pages to complete, just to make it display-able, but many more that I would ultimately like to have done. It takes me about six hours to work on each page, and with naptime I have about three hours every day. As it is, it is 1:41am where I am at right now, and last night I went to bed at 4:00am! I might have to (gasp!) settle for less-than-perfect at this point, and just get done what I reasonably can do. It's dissappointing to set a deadline for myself and not achieve it. I have been working on this book for an entire year now, but then again I've also been raising a baby!

The other special project that I'm working on is actually finished. I finished it today right before making dinner. I have so many pictures that I wanted to share in a scrapbook, but (as stated above) I just don't have time to finish it for the party. A much faster and efficient way of sharing pictures is through creating a slideshow. It took me a while to find a program that I could actually use. See, instead of Windows, I use Ubuntu which is a linux based operating system. While I feel that it is superior in many ways, one drawback is that I can't use a lot of programs that are for Windows or Mac. I mainly rely on web-based programs, which again has its pros and cons. After a few hours of searching, I finally found a wonderful web-based program that offered everything that I was looking for. I was able to put all of my pictures and video into a cute presentation, and I was even able to choose songs from my own computer (many other programs that I found only let me choose from a few cheesy songs off the site.) I am currently waiting for the program to convert my creation into a downloadable file. I'm planning on taking Daryl's large flatscreen monitor and hooking up my laptop so that we can view it before the grand cake smashing.

This year seems like it has flown by, yet so many things have happened that I can't believe it's only been a year! It seems like Jonah has been in our lives for so much longer, yet he still seems like such a baby to me. All of these party preparations have been a wonderful opportunity for me to reflect on how much he's grown, and what a wonderful journey motherhood has been in this first year.

I will hopefully have time to blog a little more about other celebration preparations, and be a little more practical, but for now excuse me if I'm a blubbering sentimental mess. If the embedded video above does not work, here is a link to it:

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