Saturday, February 20, 2010

Eggsellent Activity!

Earlier this week, I had to go to the Target pharmacy to get Jonah's prescription filled for his ear infection. While we were waiting for the prescription, we took a peek in the dollar aisle. The dollar aisle at target often has fun little items that Jonah and I use for activities. I don't get anything from Target for saying this, I just want other Mommies to know that if you are looking for some new activities, Target usually has some things if you get creative.

This week, they have their Easter items out. Easter is on April 4th this year, so I thought it was a little early for that. But, we found some cute boucey balls that are shaped like easter eggs. They are large enough that they aren't a choking hazard (although I wouldn't leave a child unsupervised with them) but they are small enough that Jonah can palm them easily. They came in packs of two, so I got four packs, making eight eggs. Then I found a small felt basket with a cute little chick on it. Perfect! An activity that Jonah will love, for just $5.

I decided yesterday to give it a try. I put all of the eggs into the basket and showed Jonah how to dump them out. Jonah pretty much already knows this game, because we play it all the time with other items. He clapped his hands and then put them back into the basket one by one, while we counted them. Then, he dumped them all back out again and clapped.

He explored them in other ways, as well. He threw them, of course, but was very surprised when they bounced. I think it kind of scared him. He also tried tasting one, but absolutely hated the texture on his tongue. He hid them all and then went back to find them, putting them again into the basket.

In the end, he went back to putting them in, and dumping them out. He could do an activity like this all day and not get tired of it!

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  1. I'll definitely be going to Target tomorrow to get some, hopefully they have them here. My son is 9 months old, and we've done very little of the "put stuff in a basket and dump it out" game. :( Tomorrow we begin! Thanks!