Monday, February 22, 2010

Signing Bath

One of Jonah's newest signs is "bath." It amazes me that this child hated baths just a few months ago! Over the summer, we gradually had to introduce him into the pool and the bath tub. One day we would just fill the tub or pool and let him get used to the noise and the whole routine. Then another day we would encourage him to splash in the water. We took baby steps like this all the way until he would let us put him in the water.

Now, he absolutely loves bath time, and will even ask me for a bath! He will splash and play with his boats until the water is absolutely cold, and his hands and toes look like little raisins. Then he throws a fit when we take him out and drain the water. I am really looking forward to our family vacation in Florida this weekend, because the resort we are staying at has a nice pool. It will be too cold to go in the ocean yet, but I know Jonah will love the pool!

He does not yet understand the difference between a bath and the pool. When we look at pictures of him playing in the pool from the summer, he signs "bath." Today, he would not stop signing it, so I was glad he needed a bath anyway!

Here is a video of Jonah signing "Bath"

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