Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jonah and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Hello to all of my readers out there. This is Jonah. Mommy is taking the day off from blogging, so it's up to me to fulfill the duties to all of my fans.

You would not believe the day that I just had! First of all, I woke up in a strange place. It took me a while to remember that it was Gigi's and Papaw's house. I was scared, so I cried until Mommy came to get me for breakfast. Then she put me straight into the high chair after changing my diaper. All she gave me for breakast was cold cereal. Can you believe that? Just plain old kix! Where are my eggs? Where are my pancakes? I could see this day was getting off to a bumpy start.

Then, I'd barely finished eating my lousy breakast when she came and got me, and put me in the van. I was still in my pajamas! Mom had lost a screw, I think. I sat in the car for a really long time. At least mommy kept it nice and warm. She kept telling me we were going home. I just sat and sat, and then when we got out of the car, mom was right- we were home!

Then she put me straight into the high chair again and fed me lunch. I didn't even get to see my toys! But, I was hungry so I guess that was okay. Except then, she didn't let me play even after I ate. I had to go take a nap! She said I needed to take a nap because I hadn't taken one in the car. She said we still had a busy schedule today, and wished that I would cooperate. So I went right to bed and took a nap. I guess I was really sleepy.

Then Mommy woke me up just an hour later. She put nice clothes on me and put my fancy cloth diapers on me. I knew something was going on, because mommy only ever dresses me like this if we are going out somewhere. Straight back to the high chair I went. I just wanted to play with my toys! But she gave me yummy cereal bars for snack. Then right back into the car we went.

Where were we going this time? I decided to act up a bit, to let Mommy know that I wasn't happy. I just wanted to play! The car stopped for a long time, and I could tell Mommy was getting mad. She kept saying something about a big train being stopped, and we were going to be late. I didn't care about being late for whatever it was, I just wanted to get out of my carseat! So I took off my shoes and threw them. It seemed logical at the time! Since my shoes were off, I figured I might as well keep going, so my socks came off and I threw those into the back seat, and then my mittens, and then my hat. This train thing was taking a long time, and I needed something to do!

Finally, Mommy opened the car door. Guess where we were. Go on, just guess. The doctor's office. Of all the places she had to take me to, it had to be the doctor's office!!! Mommy was mad that I had taken all of my things off and thrown them. If I knew where we were going, I would have hid them all better.

The doctor was no fun at all, let me tell you! She put that metal thing on my chest and wouldn't even let me pull it. Then she stuck a stick in my mouth and poked at my teeth! Then she stuck something in my ear, and my ear was owie! I screamed and screamed, and all Mommy did was hold my hands and tell me that it's okay. But it wasn't okay! I did not like the doctor today at all! Then Mommy talked to the doctor for a very long time. I just wanted to go play. Mommy wasn't listening to me, so I yelled even louder so she'd get the point. Then I pulled all of the paper off of the table I was sitting on. I made a big mess, and I was happy about that! Finally, the doctor left and mommy got me dressed. But the nurse came back in and Mommy laid me down on the table. I knew exactly what that meant! That nurse gives me needles, and needles are owie! I didn't want them, so I started to scream. They gave them to me anyway, and Mommy just let that nurse do it! She gave me a lollypop, but I was mad at her until we left that place.

And then Mommy had to go and get needles, too! At least she knows how it feels. Mommy's needles took a long time, but since I was mad at her I just sat in my stroller and read my book. I didn't even give her hugs and kisses when she was done. I was still mad.

Finally we got in the car. We're going home! But when Mommy opened the door this time, we were at the medicine place. We weren't home. Mommy put me in a shopping cart and went to talk to a lady about some medicine. Mommy told me that my ear needed medicine, and when we got it, we would go home. But the medicine place isn't just for medicine, they have all kinds of stuff there. Shoes and clothes and food and toys. Mommy made me go and try on shoes. I did not want to do it! I wouldn't let her put them on my feet. I was getting really irritated by now! Finally Mommy went and got the medicine for my ear and we went back into the car. The sun was going to bed already, and I still hadn't gotten to play at all! I was getting very angry. I decided to let Mommy know it. I knew we had to be pretty close to home, but I didn't care. I screamed as loud as I could. I yelled and yelled and I let my Mommy know that there is only so much that a little guy can take before he flies off the handle, and I was at my point! Mommy got upset and started saying some bad words at the car in front of us. I just kept screaming. I wanted everyone to know how mad I was!

Finally, Mommy took me home and let me play with my toys. Daddy was home, and I told him what happened, but he seemed to be on Mommy's side.

So Mommy, can we have a better day tomorrow? I'm thinking that sitting around the house and watching basketball on TV sounds like a good plan.

editor's note: Dear son, all of us have days when we wish that we could just wake up and start the day over. Such is life, but we must embrace the good days with the bad days knowing that the universe is unfolding as it should. And no, we will not be watching basketball tomorrow.

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  1. Jess --- er, i mean, Jonah - You're too funny! <3