Thursday, January 13, 2011

7 things to do with Breastmilk

Because Evelyn won't take a bottle, and because I've been pumping since she was three weeks old, I am finding an overabundance of frosty milk in my freezer. The milk that I pumped in our early sleep deprived newborn days is about to expire, not to mention I need room in my freezer! So I thought I'd offer these ideas for what to do with extra breastmilk. I saved the most important one as the last item on the list!

1. Use it as coffee creamer- breast milk makes wonderful cream for your coffee or tea. It hasn't been processed, so it has all of its creamy fat (what makes cream so nice in the first place) and it is naturally sweet so you don't really need to add extra sweetener!

2. Make french toast- for baby or for yourself, french toast made with breast milk is tres yummy. If you're making for baby, use just the egg yolk (whites can cause allergic reactions.) I usually use two or three ounces of milk and one egg yolk per piece of bread. Lightly beat the yolk into the milk with a fork. You can add cinnamon if you wish. submerge each piece of bread into the mixture and cook in a pan over medium to low heat. Flip when the bottom is golden brown and cook until both sides are golden.

3. Do a yummy science experiment- (replace the milk in the recipe with breastmilk!) 

5. Replace antibiotics- Some people claim that you can use a drop of breastmilk to treat ear infections, pink eye, and to clear stuffy nasal passages. I have had success in using it for ear infections and stuffy noses but thankfully have not had the chance to try it out on pink eye (hoping I never will!) To do this, simply us a dropper to place one or two drops of breastmilk in the infected ear, nose, or eye.

7. DONATE IT- this is the one I want to stress the most. There are babies who need breastmilk. If you are fortunate enough to be a woman that has extra milk stock piled in her freezer, please consider donating it responsibly. Find a milk bank that accepts donations near you, or visit one of the websites below. (mostly for moms in the michigan/ohio area)

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