Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend Reuse It

Need a bucket? Go to your local supermarket and ask the bakery counter if you can have some of their icing buckets. The icing they use comes in large buckets, which they typically toss in the garbage. If you ask nicely, they will probably give them to you. Just wash it out, and you have a food grade bucket with a handle and a lid.

I have a friend who uses these buckets to store a week's worth of bread dough. It is food grade, and it has a nice lid, so it works well for food storage.

We use it to hold compostables until I can venture out to the compost pile. We just put our scraps into the bucket and cover it with the lid, then on warmer days when the snow is melted, I carry them and empty them in the larger pile that is across our yard. You could use them to make a small vermicompost bin as well.

Here are instructions to use buckets to haul things on your bike:

You could use them to make planters when the weather warms up (you'll need to drill some holes in the bottom or put gravel in them for drainage.) Some people are handy and can make them into sub irrigated planters.

On the same gardening thread, they could be used as rain water barrels to collect the rain to water your garden and plants.

Or you could also use them as cleaning buckets. Why spend $5 on a bucket when you can get one for free and save it from taking up space in the landfills?

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