Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Frenzy of Fabulous Folds: Feb. 7-11th

A lot of my readers and a few of my friends who are just starting out with cloth diapers, have been emailing me and sending me messages with questions about prefolds.

So I have decided to tackle everyone's questions all at once. Prefolds are often pushed out of the limelight by the newer fancy pants diapers. But the truth is, prefolds are not only the most economical choice of cloth diaper, but they are also the most versatile.

During the Frenzy, I will include a demo video of folding or pinning techniques each day. I will answer my readers' questions, and highlight the advantages of using a prefold system.

What burning questions do you have about prefolds? What would you like to see during the Frenzy of Fabulous Folds? Please post your questions and suggestions here in the form of a comment!


  1. Strangely I can not fold a prefold. No matter what size I used on Finn they never, ever seemed to fit him correctly. But give me a flat and I'm a master of butt oragami. I'll look forward to your series!

  2. I was thinking about including flats, but I felt a bit awkward doing that because we just don't use them- I felt like I'd be pushing something that we don't use ourselves. I've tried flats (used recieving blankets)but just liked prefolds better, I guess because it's what my own mom used so I was used to them. Flats worked okay for us, they just seemed unnecessary so I've used them maybe three times just to see. I might do another week to explore them in the future