Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Sewing Machine: Part II

As it turns out, there really was a sewing machine inside that box! I opened it up, and of course decided that the best course of action would be to read the instructions first.Seeing as to how I have not sewn anything since junior high home economics class, I had no reference point for reading these directions. They may as well have been written in Japanese. Daryl's mom came down and "showed" me how to wind the bobbin and thread the needle (in other words, she did it while I watched) but I'm not really confident that I truly learned anything from that.

As I was putting Jonah in the car to go to our diaper swap, where I had someone lined up to show me the basics of diaper sewing, Daryl's mom came out and told me she wanted to go too. I didn't mind this at all. Except, she doesn't really know a lot about modern cloth diapering. I have explained to her quite a few times the different fabrics needed and the different types of diapers, but she always seems as though no one has told her a thing about it. She even seemed clueless about BumGenius, and pocket diapers, which are the diapers that I always put out for her and anyone else to use when we are going out. In fact, they are our main diaper right now, so she sees them quite a bit!

So, instead of focusing on actually sewing cloth diapers, the time was spent explaining to her all of the diapers and fabrics. I'm glad that she went with me, because she is an experienced seamstress, but at the same time I wish we had spent a little more time sewing. We did not actually attempt to sew a diaper, because we ran out of time.

We did have the opportunity to buy a lot of cute fabrics, and one of the moms was kind enough to cut out some diaper patterns that I could practice on.I've been reading online about sewing diapers, and I think I'm ready to give it a try. The only thing that really confuses me is adding the elastic. But, we'll get there. For now, I'm focusing on winding the bobbin by myself.

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  1. 1. I'm super jealous of your Janome. That is a sexy, sexy machine.


    2. Sewing in the elastic isn't as bad you think it is. I taught myself to do it and after one diaper I could do it without much thought.

    Good luck!!