Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spring Park Outing: Wildwood Metroparks

It seems like spring is finally here to stay in northwest Ohio. Our weather has been a little strange, but it usually is around here. A few weeks ago, we had summer-like conditions, with temperatures in the 80's! Then suddenly it took a turn for the cold and we've had a few more frosts and freezes. This week is finally normal May weather: cloudy, but in the 60's.

So, we took Jonah to one of our favorite parks to capture a few pictures of him and our dog, Paddington. Here are some of my favorite from that day:Paddington was a little anxious that day, because of all the maintenance people working on houses in our neighborhood. I thought the trip to the park would mellow him out a bit, but as you can see in this picture he is still a little freaked out. Jonah loves to give the dog hugs, and always says "awwww!" when he does it! He knows he's cute, the little stinker.

At this point, I came to realize the frustrations of taking portrait-type pictures of an energetic toddler. They won't hold still, and for the two seconds that they might be still enough, they look away. I tried to remedy these problems by giving him something to look at. It worked for the two seconds it took me to get this picture!These two pictures bring tears to my eyes. Notice first off, that he is not wearing his casts. The doctor wants him to be out of his casts for much of his playtime so that his tendons don't get too stiff. This is a big milestone for children with orthopaedic castings- to be able to go part of the day without them. It is heaven to us! Next, notice the two things he is doing in these pictures. He is WALKING and CLIMBING. He is completely 100% self-mobile. He is still a little wobbly at times, but for the most part he is considered a full time walker, and up to par with his peers. When other mothers ask me if the casts are worth it, and going to the doctor so many times a week etc. I show them these pictures. For this, yes, it is completely worth it! A couple of months ago, I would have given anything to see my son walk and climb like a normal child his age. The orthopaedic surgeon has been a blessing for us. A tough blessing to handle, but a blessing nonetheless.
Looking at these pictures, it is hard to even imagine that our little family of three is about to become four. Sometimes I wonder how another little body could possibly fit. I know that once she gets here, we won't remember what life was like without her or how we got along with just the three of us. But right now, trying to picture her in these photographs seems a little overwhelming.

And finally, to show that it really *is* spring here, a picture of my absolute favorite part of the season. Lilacs. The lilac bushes in the park were in full bloom and covered with butterflies. I wish I could photograph the smell that was flowing through the gardens from them. It was wonderful

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