Thursday, November 18, 2010

Farm and Fall Songs

Of course we try to teach Jonah where our food comes from year round, but it seems to be especially appropriate this time of year. I feel that being thankful for our food includes understanding and respecting where that food comes from. We've been talking and reading a lot about farms, and so I've also tried to incorporate that theme into our music time. I thought I'd share two of Jonah's favorites.

Down in the Barnyard (to the melody of "Down By the Station")

Down in the barnyard,
early in the morning,
see the little turkeys
standing in a row.

See the busy farmer
giving them their breakfast.
gobble gobble, gobble gobble
there they go.

(repeat using other farm animals and their respective sounds, as long as your child keeps interest!)

This one isn't so much about farms, but about the seasons of fall and winter. Jonah really enjoys dancing to it! I use the ASL signs for change, leaves,  orange, brown, and snow.

Changing Seasons Song (to the theme of "I'm a Little Teapot")
I'm a little person
who's aware
of the changes in the air.

First fall the leaves
orange and brown
then the snow comes gently down.

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