Monday, November 8, 2010


This is a conversation I recently had with Jonah about going to the potty.

"Do you want to wear a diaper or underwear today?"

"WEARS! Bakeetball wears!

"If you wear your basketball underwear, you have to tell Mommy when you need to use the potty! Or you'll get the basketballs all wet and you can't wear them anymore."


(as I'm helping him put his underwear on) "So you'll tell mommy if you have to pee, right?"

"yep!!!...... uh-oh..... pee-pee... wears..."


Some days are better than others when it comes to using the potty. Strangely, there is a distinct correlation between how many accidents/misses we have, and whether or not Jonah is wearing clothing for the day. There are days when he absolutely refuses to wear clothing. He strips them off every chance he gets. On these days, he takes himself to the potty 100% of the time. When he is wearing clothes, it can be hit or miss, and we have to remind him to stop what he is doing to go to the bathroom. He definitely gives us some distinct cues though. He will suddenly want to stand up and not sit down. He will look down at his pants with a panicked expression. He will rock from foot to foot on his tip toes. And he will also tell us he has to go, either verbally or with the sign "potty."

For now, we are doing what works and letting Jonah go naked in the house. Hopefully soon he will learn that he can also go to the potty with his clothes on too. We are working on pulling our pants up and down, so I think that will help.

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