Monday, November 22, 2010

My Favorite Things

I love:

when I'm feeding Eve and she starts using her free hand to stroke my neck.

when Jonah randomly stops what he is doing and leans over to give me a kiss.

when I have a plate prepared for Jonah's meal, and he comes running into the kitchen and exclaims "mmmmmmm! Yummy!" upon seeing what is in front of his chair.

When Eve sees her brother, smiles as big as her face, and tackles him for a hug. Even though he tries to get away from her. I love that too.

When Jonah says "I love you."

When Daryl comes home from work and everyone is so happy to see him.

when Eve is getting hungry and I pick her up to feed her, she makes a noise that is half laughing and half panting while I'm trying to get situated to nurse her. Then she makes happy humming noises once I finally get her to breast.

when I am rocking Eve to sleep and Jonah comes over and strokes her little head, gives her nose a kiss, then looks at me and says "shhhhh" with his finger to his lips.

when story time becomes cuddle time

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