Saturday, March 20, 2010

Belly Love

Jonah has begun to take notice of my belly. This could be for a lot of reasons. It is getting big and round enough that he may be noticing the change. We've also been teaching him body parts, and he has discovered, as most one year olds eventually do, that everyone has a belly button. He likes to look at people's belly buttons, and poke them, again as most one year olds do. So I think that plays a roll as well. To top it off, we've been trying to get him ready for the coming of little Evelyn. We have been telling him about Baby Evie who is in mommy's belly. And my pants have been feeling uncomfy, so I have also been laying on the couch with my belly hanging out a little.

All of these things have to make the big round floating belly enticing to him. Sometimes at the end of the day, we will be relaxing on the couch and getting some cuddles in, and he'll suddenly lift my shirt off my belly and pat it with his hand. Just recently, he's been getting a serious look on his face, leaning down, and planting a big slobbery kiss right on my belly button.

I'm pretty sure that he doesn't really know that his baby sister is in there. But it still warms my heart

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