Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Perfect Fit

**disclaimer: I talk about my underwear in this post. If you don't want to know about my under garments, then stop reading.**

Today I suddenly realized that tomorrow is the first day of April. It's April already. Next month is May, and technically that is when little Evelyn is due to make her mark on the world. This kind of freaked me out a little. Next month. That seems really close. I am not sure where time went with this pregnancy. It's hard for me to grasp how far along we really are.

Because I had this realization, that I will have a daughter *next month* I decided to get a few things ready. I feel very prepared for her arrival as far as what we need. I have plenty of nursing bras, for example. So I went to get said bras from my storage bin. I could wash them today with the rest of my laundry, an then it would feel like I accomplished something toward getting ready. However, it seemed like I cringed with every item that I took out of the box. This one had pokey wires in the side. This one offered no support. This one was too small. This one has been attacked by velcro (a bib) in the wash. Etcetera, etcetera. And my "sleep" bras... well let's just say that they aren't as "nice" as I remembered them being. These garments definitely needed to be replaced. Plus, I had such a rocky ending to my breastfeeding relationship with Jonah, I thought it would help to have new "equipment" to start fresh and get over my fear of a repeat experience.

It also just so happened that today, Jonah had a morning appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon at the hospital. On our way to the doctor's office, we pass a little shop located within the hospital, called the Mom and Me Shop. I had rented my first pump from them, and they also sell breastfeeding products that are difficult to find without going online. They carry a large selection of nursing bras, including Bravado, a brand I've been wanting to try just to see if it's all that people say it is.

One thing about buying a nursing bra, is that it is pretty important to get measured and fitted for your bra size late in your pregnancy. This was a mistake I had made with Jonah, which is one of the reasons that I have an entire shoebox full of nursing bras that don't fit when I'm nursing. As any pregnant or nursing mom can tell you, your boobs will grow! (and grow, and grow) It's also just all around important for a nursing mom to have a bra that fits properly. If you are wearing a bra that is too snug, then you might cause a clogged duct, or restrict production, or just feel plain uncomfortable while nursing. While it might seem obvious to know when a bra does and doesn't fit, the majority of the women in the US don't know their correct bra size.

So after Jonah's appointment, we stopped at the shop and I asked if they could recommend a good place to get measured. They offered to measure me there, and they even had a dressing room to try on some bras. As an example of my above statement about women not knowing what bra size they are, I went into that shop wearing a 34 C. After being measured, I now have the knowledge that I am a 38 D. Wowsers.

I tried on a few styles that Bravado has to offer, and I was very pleased. They were much more comfortable and supportive than the bras I had in storage. I'm assuming that this is both because they were the correct size, but also because they were a higher quality brand. I bought two, which I will be reviewing shortly. I would have bought more, but they are a little pricey, as undergarments can be. I'm definitely intending on buying a couple more before the princess arrives!

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