Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The sign for Cracker

Jonah's newest sign is for "cracker." He usually uses this in reference to cheese crackers or potato chips. He also likes to eat avocado on saltines. This also happens to be his grandpa's favorite snack, and if Jonah sees him eating it he will go over to him and sign "cracker" until he gets a bite! Such a moocher!

The ASL version of the sign, which is the one that I show him, is to take your dominant elbow and cup it in the opposite hand twice. There are other variations of this sign, but that is the one I chose because of its ease. Jonah tried to lift his arm up and touch his elbow the way that I was, but he just isn't coordinated enough. After getting a bit frustrated the first couple of times, he adapted it so that he touches his forarm rather than having to lift his arm up to touch his elbow.

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