Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby Fever

Me: It seems like all my friends are pregnant... again!!! How does this keep happening!?

Daryl: ....ummmm....

Me: Don't look at me like that, I know how it happens!

I can't say that adding number three to our brood hasn't crossed our minds. In fact I think about it almost every day. We had never planned on stopping at two. And I think I can correctly speak for Daryl's half and say that neither of us really feel quite complete yet. The stack of cards that we have been dealt means that we have to think this through a little more carefully than we have in the past.

For now, I'm happy with focusing on my upcoming half-marathons. And living vicariously through my friends' ultrasound pictures and facebook statae that depict their midnight cravings for ice cream and breakfast cereals. I'm plenty busy chasing after the two that I already have, thank you!


  1. While we're definitely in agreement over here that two is our cut off point (my sanity really couldn't handle another) I get a little sad thinking that Cab is my last little baby. Almost a half year has gone by already and seems like just an instant. And I'm one of the nutjobs that really likes being pregnant, so I get a little down when I realize that I don't get to do that again either.

  2. haha, well I HATE being pregnant! As Daryl put it, it's like I have PMS for ten months. I'm the type who tells my husband "In a year or so when I tell you that I want to do this again, remind me of this very moment and how much it sucks!" But I like the end result. I love those fleeting weeks of having a squishy newborn that scrunches up on my chest, the soft baby smell, the fuzzy baby hair rubbing my cheek, even the little old ladies "harassing" me at the grocery store to get a peek. There's a reason why daycares always put me in the nurseries! I just love babies. I'm like the octomom... but more sane and with a bit of self restraint... and not bitchy (that's a self perception, I hope I'm not bitchy!)