Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Butterfly Literature

We picked up some books from the library to go along with our butterfly themed learning activities this week. Both Jonah and Eve really enjoy reading and looking at these books, because the pages are so colorful!

Waiting For Wings by Lois Ehlert: I really enjoy Lois Ehlert's children's literature. The stories have a nice calming rhythm, and explain things that children encounter every day, in a simple yet elegant way. The illustrations are unique and captivating. Jonah really likes to turn the pages in this book because they vary in size, overlapping pictures of several pages. The story tells the tale of how an egg turns into a butterfly.

My Butterfly Book (a smithsonian board book): This is a board book containing beautiful photographs of different kinds of butterflies. The book asks questions about the color of each butterfly, but my kids could care less about the words, they just want to look at the vivid images.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar By Eric Carle: This is the classic book that everyone thinks about when it comes to caterpillars and butterflies. There is a good reason! Not only are the pictures interesting, but the story is very easy for young children to understand. We love counting each item that the caterpillar ate, and the story includes every stage of a butterfly's life, in very distinct stages that children can understand.

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