Friday, July 22, 2011

Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere!

My bestie, Elizabeth, helped me come up with the measurements for this bubble solution "recipe." A good friend is one who will help you with a math problem, even when she's halfway around the globe. We figured out the measurements for three ounces, because it is easy to find three ounce bottles to store it in (they are usually next to the travel sized products) It is also much easier for kids to manage the amounts when making just three ounces, and part of the fun of this activity is that your kid can make the solution with your help.

For 3 oz of bubble solution, you will need:

1/3 cup water
1 ½ tsp dawn dish soap
½ tsp light karo syrup

For large batches use

1 part dawn dish soap
10 part water
.25 part light karo syrup

In my opinion, it is important that you use Dawn brand dish soap. The liquid, concentrated kind. I have made a lot of bubble solutions. Dawn makes the best. They didn't pay me to say that. Also, if you don't want to use light Karo syrup, you can use glycerin, which can be found at almost any pharmacy or drug store. Karo syrup gives you equal results at a much less cost. It will be either in the baking section of the grocery store, or next to the pancake syrup.

The Ultimate Super Cool Amaze Your Friends Bubble Blowing Apparatus:
you will need-
printer paper

Roll the paper into a cone shaped tube. Make sure you have one end that is very narrow, and one end that is very wide and open.
Tape the edges of the paper so that it stays rolled up. Make sure there is no tape close to the wide end of the tube.
 Trim both ends of the tube with the scissors.

Dip the wide end of the tube into bubble solution.  
Holding the tube downward at first, blow gently into the narrow end of the tube. Breath through your nose and continue blowing with your mouth through the tube to watch your bubble grow to gigantic proportions! To release the bubble from the tube, slide the tube sideways off of the bubble.

This works better the wetter the paper tube is. The first couple of tries, you might get "duds." After dipping it into the solution a few times, the blower will start to soak up bubble mixture. The wet paper will hold onto the bubbles better (rather than the bubble hitting a dry spot on the paper and popping!) and the bubble solution that the paper has sucked up will continue to feed the bubble as it gets bugger and bigger, so you won't run out of bubble solution for any one bubble. That is why you can blow such big bubbles with this tube.

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