Sunday, July 10, 2011

Missing You

Jonah was spending a week with his Grandparents, so during the day this week it was just me and Eve. I thought that Eve would enjoy spending some time being an "only child." She and Jonah are constantly fighting over toys and vying for attention. This would give her a chance to have some special bonding time with me and Daryl, and she could enjoy the toys that Jonah has dubbed untouchable by her.

To my surprise, she seemed really upset that Jonah was not around. When she wasn't clinging to my legs or crawling all over me while crying, she was asking to carry around pictures. She would stand below the mantel  and point her hands to the pictures of Jonah. "Help? Help?" She would repeat until we let her have one.

She would give the picture a hug, then a kiss, then walk off to Jonah's bedroom babbling (what I'm pretty sure was supposed to be) Jonah's name in syllables that I can't really type. She would look in his bed, and finding him not there, she would go and sit in his story chair and look at his picture.

When he finally arrived back home, she squeeled and ran to the door to meet him. He, of course, was thoroughly annoyed by his sister's greeting, and within seconds they were fighting over the basketball. It was nice to have everything back to normal.

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